April 3, 2020


Baltimore Ravens 2012 Super Bowl Replica Rings are Here

The Baltimore Ravens’ 2012-13 Super Bowl replica rings have arrived.

Most are made and shipped from China or Hong Kong and they are selling briskly on eBay for around $100 each and are virtual exact replicas of the rings that are passed out to players, coaches, staff and select others on the Super Bowl 47.  You won’t get diamonds at that price, but it’s a decent looking one piece solid style ring with hand-placed AAA Cubic Zirconia stones (not glued).   The early replicas we’re seeing are made of copoper with a polished, white gold plating.  And yes, like the Ravens authentic Super Bowl rings, they are big and heavy—weighing about 60 grams according to the listings.

2012 Super Bowl ring Ravens replicaSellers typically list several auctions with different size rings so if you open a listing and don’t see your size, it’s probably elsewhere on eBay. You can usually get one anywhere from size 8 to 15.

Some sellers offer customization where you can put your name (or a player’s) and a jersey number on the ring for around $30.

The authentic 2012 Ravens Super Bowl ring received by team members was created by Jostens, with white and yellow gold and 243 round cut diamonds.  In the middle of the ring, the Ravens logo is outlined with 40   diamonds sitting atop a dazzling custom-cut amethyst stone. Behind the logo are two Vince Lombardi Trophies set with 32 round brilliant cut diamonds and two  marquise diamonds weighing approximately .75 carats, representing the team’s two Super Bowl victories (you can also find sellers offering the 2000 Ravens Super Bowl rings).

There was a ceremony held in early June where the Super Bowl XLVII rings were passed out.

The 2012-13 Ravens Super Bowl replica rings do require a short wait.  The makers have to wait until they see what the ring looks like before they go into production but now that the design has been revealed, things should move along.  Be sure to check feedback and buy from a reliable seller (there are some based in the US but they are likely getting them from the same far east sources).  Collecting replica Super Bowl rings has become a popular hobby and is obviously much more affordable for the average Joe considering originals sell for tens of thousands of dollars.  Click here to see the Ravens rings currently available.