October 25, 2014


2013 Florida State Replica National Championship Rings

Florida State 2013 National Championship Replica ring

The 2013 Florida State replica national championship rings are hitting the market.  Just because you didn’t line up at left tackle doesn’t mean you can’t own one. The rings, pieced together in Hong Kong, appear virtually identical to those given to players, coaches and staff, but a lot expensive.  18k gold plated and made of copper (silver rings can also be ordered), the rings featured studded AAA cubic zirconia stones set by hand. A copy of the ring designed by coach Jimbo Fisher, they have the school logo in the center, the … [Read more...]

Florida State Championship Rings

Florida State Cotton Bowl ring 1992

Their latest national championship aside, there’s quite a history for Florida State championship rings and bowl game rings.  The Seminoles’ proud tradition goes back decades and for collectors or those who just want to wear an authentic piece of the school’s football history, it’s not hard to find a ring that’ll fit the bill. Prices and styles vary, of course, but most are unique.  You can buy a replica of the team’s 1999 NCAA championship ring for $179 or you can spend $8-12,000 and buy a ring that was given to a player on … [Read more...]

Baltimore Ravens 2012 Super Bowl Replica Rings are Here

2012 Super Bowl ring Ravens replica

The Baltimore Ravens’ 2012-13 Super Bowl replica rings have arrived. Most are made and shipped from China or Hong Kong and they are selling briskly on eBay for around $100 each and are virtual exact replicas of the rings that are passed out to players, coaches, staff and select others on the Super Bowl 47.  You won’t get diamonds at that price, but it’s a decent looking one piece solid style ring with hand-placed AAA Cubic Zirconia stones (not glued).   The early replicas we’re seeing are made of copoper with a polished, white … [Read more...]

2012 Alabama National Championship Ring

Alabama 2012 National Championship ring replica

The 2012 BCS Alabama National Championship rings pay tribute to one of the most dominant, dynamic teams in college football history. The commemorative rings honoring the Crimson Tide’s big win over Notre Dame in January feature AAA cubic zirconium stones, all individually prong set (not glued). The detail on these rings is said to be very solid and for the price you should be getting an outstanding ring that is solid—not hollow as you may see some sellers offer. There are a couple of varieties out there but the most popular  2012 … [Read more...]

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Ring Replica

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl ring replica

Everyone remembers the 1985 Chicago Bears.  Coming in a close second, and perhaps as dominant, are the 2000 Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. In the past quarter-century only one defense has held opponents to fewer than eleven points per game.  That team?  Not the 1985 Bears, but the 2000 Ravens.  That year Baltimore set the NFL record for fewest points allowed and fewest rushing yards allowed in a sixteen-game schedule. Lead by Ray Lewis the Ravens gave up an amazing 2.7 yards per carry and only five rushing touchdowns all season. … [Read more...]

Denver Broncos Championship Rings Cover Long, Impressive History


The Denver Broncos have earned a lot of hardware over the years including two Super Bowl titles and six AFC conference championships. Each of those accomplishments earned the team, coaches and personnel in the organization rings to go with those awards. For the players the rings have a lot of significant meaning as they were apart of a team and part of history.  For fans, Broncos championship rings are rapidly growing as a unique way to collect memorabilia from those great teams. The Broncos have had several runs of success and their … [Read more...]

Texas Longhorns Championship Rings

Texas Longhorns NCAA championship ring

If you follow college football, then you know that the Texas Longhorns are a perennial powerhouse. They have won several national championships, most recently in 2005-06. The football program is constantly recognized as one of the best in the country. This success has inspired a rabid fan base. In fact, more Longhorns merchandise is purchased each year than for any other team.   Texas Longhorns championship rings are growing in popularity as fans look for something different to collect or a conversation piece for their den or office. There … [Read more...]

1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Rings

Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX champions ring

By many football fans' standards, the 1985 Chicago Bears are the greatest NFL team to ever grace a field. The team earned the honor of being only the second team to finish the season with a 15-1 record since the NFL 16-game change occurred in 1978. The '85 Bears are also considered to be one of the best defensive teams in NFL history.   These many years later, fans still talk about the team and replicas of the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl ring are big sellers as fans look to own a little memory of the team’s most memorable season. Many … [Read more...]

Dodgers Championship Rings


The Brooklyn Dodgers started back in the year 1884 and its reign there came to an end in the year of 1957, when they moved to Los Angeles. The Dodgers franchise has been able to accomplish the greatest goal in baseball on multiple occasions; to win a championship ring and have the honor of winning at least one World Series title. This franchise has earned many of these titles and as a result there are many rings, authentic and replicas that are sold.  Dodgers championship rings are popular with collectors.  Here are a few we've seen: The … [Read more...]

1972 Miami Dolphins Super Bowl ring

1972 Dolphins ring

The Super Bowl is aptly named, as winning it is one of sport's most difficult goals. Watched around the world, a stage as big as it comes in professional sports, the Super Bowl winner is a champion. Amongst the rewards for capturing this elusive prize is a ring to commemorate the moment. They are cherished for the memories they produce, and mark a victory that few achieve.  The Miami Dolphins Super Bowl ring represents something a little more. Made for players and coaches, these rings are carefully crafted symbols of greatness, and are … [Read more...]