May 29, 2020


Championship Ring Display Cases and Boxes for Your Collection

If you collect championship rings, you have many choices when it comes to storing them and displaying them. You may want to display some rings in solitary splendor, but you may want to display others as a set. Still others you may want to safely store. There are several cases from which to choose.

Display Cases for Solitary Rings

championship ring display case Rings displayed in this clear, acrylic championship ring display case are held by a plastic ring clip. The beauty and details of the ring's design are in full display as it apears to float above the wood base. The case features a two-piece, slide design, and a mirror inlaid in the mahoghany-stained base reflects the ring. The base measures four inches square and stands one and one-half inches high, and the case measures three inches on each side. The ring clip can be removed from the stand should you want to lay the ring on its side on the mirror.

If you prefer a wood box, this cherry wood jewelry display box may be the one. The box has a cherry wood stain and features a domed top. A tab clip holds the ring in place. The box is two and one-half inches square and stands one and seven-eighth inches high. The box provides a beautiful setting for a championship ring, but, depending on the size, not all rings will fit.

Another choice is this one, also made of cherry wood. It features a glass lid and has a space to display a plaque beside the ring. This box measures six inches by four inches and stands two and one-half inches high.

championship ring caseDisplay Cases for Multiple Rings

Acrylic championship ring cases are available for four, five, and six rings. The rings are held by plastic ring clips and set on clear, plastic posts. These three cases all have a black base. However, the six-ring case has a mirrored back and is made of one-eigth inch cell cast acrylic that has been polished and waxed inside and out to reduce distortion and provide superior optical clarity.

If you would like to display a large group of rings together, this seven-row display case offers seven rows of dividers. The burl wood box is lined with faux suede in a light camel color. The matte finish box features a lucite panel in the lid. It measures nine inches by five inches by two and one-quarter inches.

Custom-Made Cases With Replica Rings

If you want to simply start a ready-made collection, there are some custom-made team display cases that come with replica rings for various franchises that have had success in the four major sports.

Whether you are looking for storage or display cases, one of these suggestions should meet your needs.

1975 Golden State Warriors Championship Ring

You can bet the 2015 version will be a little fancier, but the 1975 Golden State Warriors championship rings prove this isn’t the first time the franchise has celebrated an NBA title.  In fact, fans who attended a March game at Oracle Arena got their own replica version, complete with a cloth bag to carry it in.

Golden State Warriors championship replica ringThe team held a 1975 Replica Championship Ring Night on March 23 against the Washington Wizards, almost 40 years after the team led by coach Al Attles and Hall of Famer Rick Barry brought a title to the Bay Area.

Teams didn’t spend the kind of money on championship rings back in the 1970s and the value of the authentic rings now has more to do with the history than the value of the jewel.  We couldn’t find any example of a real 1975 Warriors ring being sold at auction—at least not in recent years.

TWarriors championship ring 1975 salesmans sample Rick Barryhe 1974-75 Warriors title ring is fairly plan and the replica rings match them pretty closely, with the exception of the diamond in the middle, of course.  They’re gold with black trim with a fake stone in the middle.  Fans ate them up and today, you can find them on eBay, generally selling for $90-100.

It’ll be a couple of months before we know what the 2015 model will look like but replicas will soon follow and it’s a good bet they’ll have another promotional giveaway too.

2014 San Francisco Giants World Series Replica Rings, Real One Up for Grabs

On the same day the players received Major League Baseball’s ultimate prize in a pre-game ceremony, fans at AT&T Park received their own 2014 San Francisco Giants World Series replica ring.

Members of the 2014 team, coaches, manager Bruce Bochy and trainers received their rings from team executives during a pre-game ceremony on Saturday, April 18. Giants Hall of Famers Gaylord Perry, Orlando Cepeda, Juan Marichal, Willie McCovey and Willie Mays also received their rings at the ceremony.

San Francisco Giants replica World Series ring 20142014 World Series replica ringA sellout crowd received their own ring, complete in a box with photos commemorating the 2014 World Series victory.  While its value pales in comparison to the actual presentation rings, the Giants World Series replica rings were brisk sellers immediately after a few dozen fans listed theirs for sale on eBay.  Prices generally hovered between $75 and $125.  You can see rings currently listed on eBay here.

Meanwhile, the ring ceremony was old hat for the Giants but not taken for granted by President Larry Baer.

"We are incredibly fortunate to be living in a golden era of Giants baseball," said Baer. "This ring celebrates not only the 2014 championship, but also the journey this club has taken in winning three championships in five years. I know everyone in the organization - the players, coaches, owners and front office employees - will wear this ring with great pride."

San Francisco Giants 2014 World Series ringDesigned and produced by Tiffany & Co., the 2014 Giants World Series rings were designed as a tribute to the team’s remarkable run of three championships in five years as well as the eight total Series wins in the 133-year history of the franchise, dating back to its days in New York.

The face of the 14k white gold championship ring features the San Francisco "SF" logo set in 18k yellow gold with 55 round melee diamonds. A bezel reading "World Champions" is highlighted along both sides of the ring. The top bezel is set with three round diamonds and the bottom bezel is set with five round diamonds representing the three championships in the last five years and the eight total franchise world championships.   One side of the ring features the player's name and number with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The other side celebrates the franchise's three recent World Series trophies.

"We are thrilled to celebrate with the City of San Francisco and the Giants on another championship season," said Victoria Reynolds, Group Director of Business Sales for Tiffany & Co. "We are honored to have created the last three championship rings which pay tribute to the Giants' dedication and performance on and off the field."

The Giants Community Fund will once again be the beneficiary of a World Champions Ring Raffle. The raffle will be conducted by Celebrities for Charity and offers fans the chance to win a 2014 World Championship Ring, identical to the rings given to the players and coaches. The ring will be personalized with the winner's last name.

Raffle tickets and information are available online at

2014 Spurs Replica Championship Ring a Hot Seller

The market for San Antonio Spurs replica championship rings is alive and well.  San Antonio won the NBA title in June of 2014 and on opening night of the 2014-15 season, the franchise teamed with s sponsor to give away thousands of replica rings as the championship banner was raised.  Fans entering the AT&T Center before the 101-100 win over the Dallas 2014 Spurs championship replica ringMavericks each received a ring.

It was a nice gesture but once a few of them showed up on eBay, it was clear demand was high among those who weren’t able to get their hands on the metal rings.  Most have been selling for over $200 with a top price of $300.

The Spurs replica rings aren’t available through the team’s store and come in a cloth bag.  They are, of course, not as valuable as the diamond and gold heavy authentic rings but otherwise mimic the real deal.

If you don’t want to pay that much, copper versions are available from other sellers who specialize in replica title rings and they run about $60.  There’s also a Spurs championship ring that commemorates all five of their NBA titles or a collection of five separate rings, one for each championship.

You can see the 2014 Spurs replica championship rings on eBay here.

2013 Florida State Replica National Championship Rings

The 2013 Florida State replica national championship rings are hitting the market.  Just because you didn’t line up at left tackle doesn’t mean you can’t own one.

The rings, pieced together in Hong Kong, appear virtually identical to those given to players, coaches and staff, but a lot expensive.  18k gold plated and made of copper (silver rings can also be ordered), the rings featured studded AAA cubic zirconia stones set by hand.

Florida State National Championship replica ringA copy of the ring designed by coach Jimbo Fisher, they have the school logo in the center, the words ‘national champions’ around the edge and the score of the January 6 BCS national championship game on the side.

The rings are solid, weighing 45-60 grams and come with a pretty nice wooden box. The eBay listings allow you to order whatever size you need, usually at a price of around $200.

The 2013 season was one to remember for Seminoles fans.  Beating Auburn 34-31 completed FSU’s third national championship season and a perfect 14-0 record.  It ended an SEC run of seven straight national titles.

Of course, Florida State fans will remember the great kickoff return by Levonte Whitfield and the heroics of young Jameis Winston as well as the incredible job done by Fisher, whose team dominated Duke in the ACC title game 45-7.  They’re wearing their rings already, having been given out at a ceremony in Tallahassee.

“What I want you to do when you put it on – I want you to think about the teamwork you had, the camaraderie you had, the family atmosphere you had and the sacrifices you made to get it,” Fisher told players. “You can’t ever lose the desire, drive and habits that got you that ring.”

The rings are only available from a couple of sellers, who are based overseas but have 100% feedback (rings are typically made outside the US).  Click here to see them.

You can also purchase Florida State replica bowl game, conference and national championship rings for other seasons as well.