May 29, 2020


College Conference Championship Rings

Compared to pro sports, the amount of authentic college sports memorabilia available to collect is fairly small.  Until recently, game worn college jerseys and equipment rarely made it to market.  Most schools kept their gear, recycling it into practice wear or handing it over to the players themselves who kept it.  There are game programs, but little in the way of trading cards.  However, college conference championship rings are becoming more and more popular and available.

Conferences hand out championship rings for league titles and sometimes for being selected to an all-conference teams in all sports.  Collectors, of course, will gravitate more toward football, basketball and baseball rings.  Bowl game rings are especially popular, especially from those teams that win major bowls like the Rose.  Now, a BCS National Championship ring is the ultimate.

An authentic conference championship ring can vary in price, depending on demand.  A major school’s conference championship ring awarded to a player can sell for a few thousand dollars or more.  If you want one, you’d be wise to grab it when you see it because they don’t often come up for sale, especially in the immediate aftermath of the championship season.

It’s against NCAA rules for a player to sell his memorabilia while still in school, but recent grads often sell their rings to earn money once they’ve completed their college eligibility.  Sentimentality is sometimes lost, too, on those in their early and mid-20s.

For those who collect items related to a particular school, a championship ring can become the centerpiece.  Often colorful, certainly unique and not usually cost prohibitive for serious collectors, they’re definitely a conversation starter.

College championship rings are usually far less bejeweled than those on the pro level.  Schools don’t wish to seem extravagant and in football, paying for dozens of rings for a large roster of players, coaches and staff can be very expensive, even for major schools with large athletic budgets.

eBay is usually the place where college conference championship rings are found.   Click here to see a list of college conference championship rings for sale on eBay.