July 2, 2015


Dallas Cowboys Replica Super Bowl Rings

The Dallas Cowboys have enjoyed a great deal of success in their lifetime, most notably in the 70’s and the 90’s. They are a five time world champion (71, 77, 92, 93 and 95) club that have a very loyal fan base. You can argue all day about whether they're 'America's Team' but their championships have earned them recognition as one of football’s most legendary franchises.  When it comes to Cowboys Super Bowl rings, collectors and fans have several to consider.

Salesman sample Cowboys Super Bowl ring 1971The Cowboys went 11-3 in the 1971 season and their first Super Bowl win came in January of 1972.  Their super Bowl ring featured a diamond in the middle of a large blue star with diamonds around that star and 'World Champions' surrounding the center design.

Although making the playoffs many times in between, it was the 1990’s that eventually became the Cowboys' decade.

Following an abysmal 1-15 record in 1989, the Cowboys jumped back into a championship caliber team in the 90’s with the help of QB Troy Aikman. In 1992, they posted a 13-3 record. Later that same season, the Cowboys would meet the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl and defeat them 52-17. Ironically, they would also meet the Bills again the following year and win,  30-13.

Although having a great season in 1994 (12-4), Dallas would not go back to the Super Bowl until 1995, with the assistance of All-Pro cornerback Deion Sanders. Dallas defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17 to earn their fifth Super Bowl ring.

Not surprisingly, Cowboys fans and collectors have been quick to jump on the variety of Cowboys replica and/or salesman sample Super Bowl rings that are for sale on eBay virtually every day. Most are silver and 24K gold plated. Some are constructed of jewelers alloy and are plated in 14K gold with cubic zirconia’s weighing about 65 grams.

There was also a recent sale of a genuine 1978 (1977 season) Cowboys championship ring that is 10K yellow and white gold with real diamonds and five sapphires and weighs about 35.2 grams. The ring sold for $8,000.  It's rare that player or coach worn Cowboys Super Bowl rings become available for sale or auction but salesman's sample or the higher quality replica Super Bowl rings are enough for most fans and collectors.  They can often be personalized.

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