May 29, 2020


Denver Broncos Championship Rings Cover Long, Impressive History

The Denver Broncos have earned a lot of hardware over the years including two Super Bowl titles and six AFC conference championships. Each of those accomplishments earned the team, coaches and personnel in the organization rings to go with those awards. For the players the rings have a lot of significant meaning as they were apart of a team and part of history.  For fans, Broncos championship rings are rapidly growing as a unique way to collect memorabilia from those great teams.

The Broncos have had several runs of success and their conference championship and Super Bowl title rings are available in replica form. These ring retail from $50 up to $300 or more, depending on the year and the quality of the rings.

All eight of the different replica rings are often available available starting with the 1977 AFC Championship Ring up to the 1998 Super Bowl ring.

The replicas are usually carbon copies of the originals, which are rarely offered but bring thousands of dollars at auction. As the years progress the rings have grown in details with more and more diamonds added each season.

The replica rings are created with cubic zirconia stones that are set in prongs similar to the real rings while the ring itself is made of 18 karat gold. These rings can usually be ordered in different sizes ranging from 8.5 to 15 depending on the seller.

The  1977 AFC Championship ring has the classic D logo surrounded by twelve diamonds that are spread in the shape of a football. The Broncos finished the regular season with a 12-2 record and  then beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders in the playoffs to earn the AFC championship. The Broncos would fall to the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

The 1986 AFC Championship ring has the AFC  “A”  logo made out of fourteen stones. The 86 Championship game is known for the “The Drive”. The Broncos,  led by John Elway, would go 98 yards to tie the game and force overtime. The Broncos would win on a field goal to advance to the Super Bowl.

The 1987 AFC Championship ring has the D logo with the Bronco jumping through the middle of it while sixteen diamonds surround the entire log. The Broncos would win the AFC again in 1987 led by MVP John Elway and a 10-4-1 record. The Broncos would again beat the Cleveland Browns to move on to the Super Bowl where they would lose to the Washington Redskins.

The 1989 AFC Championship ring is similar to the 1977 design as fourteen diamonds make up a football with three diamonds in the center with the center being the largest. The Broncos were led by rookie running back Bobby Humphrey who ran for 1151 yards and scored eight touchdowns. For the third time in four years the Broncos would defeat the Browns to win the AFC Championship.

The 1997 Super Bowl Ring includes a Bronco in the center covered in diamonds that make up the entire face of the ring. In 1997 the Broncos and John Elway would get over the hump and finally take home the Super Bowl title led by Super Bowl MVP Terrell Davis as he racked up 157 yards on the ground and three rushing touchdowns to help beat Brett Favre and the Packers.

The last ring the Broncos earned was the 1998 Super Bowl ring this ring was designed with two horses (representing the two Super Bowl titles) covered in stones, similar to the 1997 ring. The 1998 team started of the season winning their first thirteen games before finally losing to the New York Giants. John Elway would win the Super Bowl MVP and retire from the NFL on top of the world!

Replica Broncos championship rings can be worn or just kept in an office or memorabilia room as a unique display.

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