May 29, 2020


Florida State Championship Rings

Their latest national championship aside, there’s quite a history for Florida State championship rings and bowl game rings.  The Seminoles’ proud tradition goes back decades and for collectors or those who just want to wear an authentic piece of the school’s football history, it’s not hard to find a ring that’ll fit the bill.

Prices and styles vary, of course, but most are unique.  You can buy a replica of the team’s 1999 NCAA championship ring for $179 or you can spend $8-12,000 and buy a Florida State Cotton Bowl ring 1992ring that was given to a player on that team.

Bowl game rings vary in price based on the quality of the bowl game, the quality of the ring and whether it was worn by a player or staff member.

1993 Orange Bowl ring Florida StateA player’s ring from the 1995 Sugar Bowl has sold for a little under $3,000.  Another player’s ACC championship ring went for $2,000.  A 1981 Florida State Orange Bowl ring sold for just  $500 on eBay not long ago. A ring from the 2005 Gator Bowl could be had for $850 and a Chick-Fil-A Bowl ring from 2010 sold for between $900 and $1,000.

Robert Morgan’s 1999 Fiesta Bowl ring was offered on eBay for a $3,500 minimum bid or $4,500 on a straight purchase through Buy it Now.

A staff member’s Cotton Bowl ring from 1992 was put up for sale at $3,000 and you could buy a 2001 Orange Bowl ring for $2,250.  A 1990 Blockbuster Bowl ring was only $1,250.

Players, coaches and staff sell their rings for a variety of reasons.  Some need the money.  Others just don’t care about the jewelry and sometimes the person dies and their estate opts to sell his possessions.

Florida State 1998 ACC Championship ringRings and championship pendants that look just like them are very popular with collectors.  They’re flashy.  They’re memorabilia you can wear and very few ever come to market, meaning that there’s a good chance the rings, if properly cared for, will hold their value quite well.   For many, it’s an irresistible combination.

The Seminoles’ 2013 NCAA Football championship ring will be designed in the off-season and presented at a later date, but you can buy an ‘unofficial’ handmade creation, commemorating the win over Auburn now for under $200.

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