February 20, 2019


Personalized Championship Rings

Championship rings are among the most sought after collectibles in the world of sports memorabilia. Though it will usually cost you a little more to get a personalized ring than a standard replica, this is still a very popular option. Obviously, the first decision to make in designing your own personalized ring is which sport's championship you're interesting in commemorating.... and then which championship in particular. There are lots of sports to choose from. In fact, all but the most obscure sports award championship rings now. Furthermore, they're awarded on multiple levels, including professional leagues, college conferences and bowl games, and even high schools (though usually only for state football championships.)

On the college and professional levels, championship rings are awarded in a wide range of sports, including sports that aren't dominant in America, like karate, rugby, and lacrosse. Further, rings are awarded within each sport at various levels of championship. In addition to world champions, national and state champions also receive rings. Besides choosing which sport and championship you'd like to commemorate, you also need to choose which material you'd like to have your ring made out of. Obviously, your most expensive options include such metals as gold (yellow or white) and platinum. You also need to decide whether you’d like genuine gemstones or not. If so, you'll need to decide which ones.

A further consideration has to do with which details you'd like to include in the ring's engraving. Because so much information is typically incorporated into the design of a championship ring, they are often quite bulky. Even rings designed for women tend to be rather large and heavy, with wider-than-usual bands. Because of this, some women choose to include fewer details in the design of their personalized rings. Typically, details such as the championship date, as well as the team's name and colors are mandatory. Beyond that, player numbers, team logos, and even the name of the ring's owner are sometimes utilized as well.

Various levels of personalization are available. The highly personalized rings we have been discussing tend to be rather expensive. Another option that some manufacturers offer makes you able to choose from a “menu” of various types of options. Be aware, though, that in this type of situation there is often a minimum order quantity involved. In any case, a personalized championship ring is a treasure that many people cherish for a lifetime.

Personalized Championship Ring Box
Personalized Championship Ring Box
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