May 29, 2020


San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Rings

With five NFL championships (81, 84, 88, 89 and 94), the San Francisco 49ers have created a dynasty that other teams aspire to have. 49ers Super Bowl rings have also become a hot item since the 80’s run and recent return to prominence. They often sell like hotcakes on eBay, especially during the season.

Most credit the dominating success of the 49ers in the 80’s to coach Bill Walsh and QB Joe Montana (although Walsh left the team in 1988). The 49ers took the 1981 Super Bowl by defeating the Bengals 26-21 for their first ever championship. Montana and the 49ers would be back only 3 years later coming of a 15-1 record setting season. San Francisco would take the Super Bowl away from Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins by a score of 38-16.

1984 San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Championship Ring

Accompanied by the superstar wide receiver Jerry Rice (came to the 49ers in 1985), Joe Montana and the 49ers would put a duo of 49ers championship rings on the board with back-to-back wins. In 1988, the 49ers struggled in the beginning but managed to pull out a 10-6 season then go on to win the Super Bowl against the Bengals 20-16. The very next year, following a 14-2 season, the 49ers picked off the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV for their fourth championship (and last with Montana).

In 1994 with Steve Young as QB, the 49ers went 13-3 for the season. San Francisco again made its way through the playoffs then defeated the Chargers for their fifth (and last to date) Super Bowl championship.

Replica 49ers Super Bowl rings are absolutely in abundance on eBay and selling for $14 to $415. Obviously the more you pay, the better the ring. Some can be personalized. Some are silver and 24K gold plated, others are jewelers alloy plated in 14K gold with handset cubic zirconia. There is one authentic ring that was sold for $27,750. It is from the 1994 championship that was given to a front office member. This 49ers championship ring is a solid 10K yellow gold with real diamonds by Balfour.

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