July 2, 2015


St. Louis Cardinals Championship Rings

2006 St Louis Cardinals World Championship Ring

With the second most World Series championships in the MLB, the St. Louis Cardinals have enjoyed a proud legacy of winning over the years. St. Louis has in fact collected 11 Cardinals championship rings over the past 112 years. Two of those have been acquired in the last 6 years alone, with the help of great players like Albert Pujols, Scott Rolen, Chris Carpenter and Matt Holliday.

The Cardinals 2006 and 2011 championships were anchored by first basemen Albert Pujols. Pujols is a .328 lifetime hitter and consistently hits 30 or more home runs per season. The 2006 Cardinals finished the season at 83-78. They went into the postseason to defeat the Padres and the Mets before facing the Tigers in the World Series. The Cardinals finished off the Tigers in just 5 games to win the 2006 World Series, which was their first year in the new Busch Stadium.

Their 2011 season turned out to be a “Cinderella” story of it’s own. On August 24th, they were 10½ games behind wild card leader Atlanta Braves. On the last day of the season, the Cardinals overcame the deficit and finished one game ahead of Atlanta, landing them a post-season slot. They went on to defeat the heavily favored Phillies in five games, the Brewers in six and lastly, the Texas Rangers in seven to win their 11th Cardinals championship ring.

Most replica rings currently being offered on eBay are from the 2006 series. They are made with top quality CZ’s and Lustrium 24K coating.  St. Louis Cardinals championship rings that have been sold range from $36-$149. An authentic 2006 ring was listed on the website for $19,999 (buy now price). This rare ring is the same as the players except it is 10k gold (players are 14k gold) with genuine diamonds and rubies.

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