April 3, 2020


Championship Ring Display Cases and Boxes for Your Collection

If you collect championship rings, you have many choices when it comes to storing them and displaying them. You may want to display some rings in solitary splendor, but you may want to display others as a set. Still others you may want to safely store. There are several cases from which to choose.

Display Cases for Solitary Rings

championship ring display case Rings displayed in this clear, acrylic championship ring display case are held by a plastic ring clip. The beauty and details of the ring's design are in full display as it apears to float above the wood base. The case features a two-piece, slide design, and a mirror inlaid in the mahoghany-stained base reflects the ring. The base measures four inches square and stands one and one-half inches high, and the case measures three inches on each side. The ring clip can be removed from the stand should you want to lay the ring on its side on the mirror.

If you prefer a wood box, this cherry wood jewelry display box may be the one. The box has a cherry wood stain and features a domed top. A tab clip holds the ring in place. The box is two and one-half inches square and stands one and seven-eighth inches high. The box provides a beautiful setting for a championship ring, but, depending on the size, not all rings will fit.

Another choice is this one, also made of cherry wood. It features a glass lid and has a space to display a plaque beside the ring. This box measures six inches by four inches and stands two and one-half inches high.

championship ring caseDisplay Cases for Multiple Rings

Acrylic championship ring cases are available for four, five, and six rings. The rings are held by plastic ring clips and set on clear, plastic posts. These three cases all have a black base. However, the six-ring case has a mirrored back and is made of one-eigth inch cell cast acrylic that has been polished and waxed inside and out to reduce distortion and provide superior optical clarity.

If you would like to display a large group of rings together, this seven-row display case offers seven rows of dividers. The burl wood box is lined with faux suede in a light camel color. The matte finish box features a lucite panel in the lid. It measures nine inches by five inches by two and one-quarter inches.

Custom-Made Cases With Replica Rings

If you want to simply start a ready-made collection, there are some custom-made team display cases that come with replica rings for various franchises that have had success in the four major sports.

Whether you are looking for storage or display cases, one of these suggestions should meet your needs.

Texas Longhorns Championship Rings

If you follow college football, then you know that the Texas Longhorns are a perennial powerhouse. They have won several national championships, most recently in 2005-06. The football program is constantly recognized as one of the best in the country. This success has inspired a rabid fan base. In fact, more Longhorns merchandise is purchased each year than for any other team.   Texas Longhorns championship rings are growing in popularity as fans look for something different to collect or a conversation piece for their den or office.

Texas Longhorns NCAA championship ringThere are a number of high quality reproductions of Texas title  rings that can be had for an affordable prices. They look identical to the original in many cases but can usually be purchased for under $75.  Higher quality replica rings, such as the Palmer version, will cost about double that. If you are looking for an authentic ring given to a player or staff member, you may have to keep an eye out. These rings rarely come up for auction, and when they do, they are much more expensive.  Often, rings from other Longhorn sports will make their way into the market.

As a example of the prices you should expect, the reproductions range from just under twenty dollars for a ring with synthetic stones, up to several thousand for a ring that includes precious metals and gemstones. On the high end of the scale, you can expect the ring to include real diamonds and gold.  The ring is a beautiful piece, made of the number one surrounded by rings of glittering stones. Even if you cannot wear a jersey to work, this ring still allows you to show off your school spirit.

The 2005 season was a very successful season for the Longhorns. They finished 13-0, and the team has been consistently ranked as one of the best ever in college football. Led by quarterback Vince Young, the Longhorns broke the NCAA record for points scored in a season with 652 points. This record has since been eclipsed, but was a staggering 50.1 points per game. Of course 2006 is not the only year of interest if you are looking for Texas Longhorns championship rings.  The program owns four NCAA football championships n addition to numerous conference championships throughout their long history.